Fly on the wall: February 17 2009

Residents Deemed Appropriate For Community Living:

The residents have all been re-screened for placement. Many have been screened as not needing nursing home level of care, or 24 hour supervision. How could this be? Some may be appropriate for community living  eventually, but certainly not in the next couple of weeks. Some are a danger to themselves or others by history in the community and are not appropriate candidates.  What is the state thinking. This is a set up for these residents to fail. Without proper discharge planning, which usually is up to a 3 month process, they will no doubt fail and end up in the hospital usually following some traumatic event. Families are calling the facility very worried about their loved ones being told they can live on their own because they have a long past history with the residents and know what the outcome will be..disasterous. The families are requesting input but the state claims that if they are not guardians of the residents they really have no say so. This is all so crazy. The state mandates that facilities include resident families in care plans when a resident consents, and facilities get in trouble for not doing so, yet now, the state is totally disregarding the families input when it suits them. How hypocritical.. This whole process seems very pre-planned by the state and other government officials and in the process the residents needs are being ignored. This seems to be a common theme because if the residents needs were first and foremost the state would have worked with somerset to assure improvements instead of work so diligently to close the building down.


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One response to “Fly on the wall: February 17 2009

  1. I guess the Tribune had it all wrong. Instead of being filled with terribly dangerous, high-risk people lacking supervision and creating a potentially explosive situation. . . Somerset was really filled with people who don’t really need intensive supervision in the first place and should be discharged to the community. Which is true?

    Neither of course. Both the Tribune and the state create the fiction that suits them at the moment.

    Wonder what the neighbors will think of this?

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