Encouraging words from Ed Farmilant, previous owner of Somerset

Hi Jeff, I’m glad you started the blog, and hope that you have the energy to continue it.  In the past 50 years there have been countless tribune exposes that created a frenzied response, usually escalating controls and punishments, and then it was business as usual.  Until the next time it was a slow news month, because there is always a situation, in some facility, that will produce a headline.  I guess they heard the fable about the little boy that cried wolf.  The lesson is that this issue has to be kept front and center if it is ever to be really dealt with.
Anyway, while it may be too late to save this owner of Somerset (the building, residents and need is not going away), it seems to me that the Somerset Saga could be used to help draw attention to the need to straighten out the system so everyone doesn’t have to go through this again, and again …



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2 responses to “Encouraging words from Ed Farmilant, previous owner of Somerset

  1. Hilda Derzsy

    I whole heartedly agree with Mr. Farmilant’s sentiments. I am thrilled and excited that you have the dedication and fortitude to take this project on Jeff. Thank you! I ask everyone to weigh in on this issue. Please, let’s not allow sensationalism and political agendas to dictate mental health services.

  2. Maria Douvris

    I also agree with Mr. Farmilant’s sentiments.
    I worked at Somerset as the DON in the 90’s. We cared for very difficult residents but were given the latitude within the regulatory guidelines to implement treatment plans that had good clinical outcomes for the residents, based on the assessment of qualified clinicians. This does not seem to be the case anymore. The sensationalism and political agendas are definitely taking precedence over good clinical judgment. Jeff, this definitely is a story that needs to be told. Thank you for taking this project on.

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