Regarding anonymous comments

I received a recent anonymous comment.  Not surprisingly, it simply asserted that the owners of Somerset are the bad guys. Despite the fact I think this is simple-minded and grossly misses the bigger problem, I would be more than happy to publish views different from my own and encourage comments and dialogue.

However, unless there are extenuating reasons, I will not publish anonymous comments.  This is not unusual and similar to Ald. Smith’s policy on her blog.  Specifically, she writes:

Commenting is moderated and all comments must be approved by site administrators.  This site is designed for members of the Uptown community, including residents, business owners, and community organizations.  You must leave your name and address, which will not be published.  Anonymous comments will not be approved.

I put my name with all my comments and opinions and expect the same of others, unless doing so would place them at legitimate risk (eg. losing job, etc.).  Otherwise, the blog risks degenerating into a forum where faceless people take pot-shots at each other and fail to engage in meaningful dialogue.


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