Fly on the wall 2/20/09: state making little progress relocating

It’s already the 20th of the month and most residents continue to reside at Somerset.  The relocation plan seems to be going nowhere.  The reality of the situation is that these residents have to be placed elsewhere but the process has become very difficult as a result of  the present state of  affairs due to the current political and regulatory climate.

The residents are becoming more anxious  every day. Some have relapsed needing to be hospitalized.  This is much more stress then they can handle. A move is stressful enough to someone with adequate coping skills, but the chronically mentally ill lack the ability to cope with such stress for an extended period of time.

HFS put a hold on any moves till 2/23/10. It seems even this date is premature at this time for residents moving. Unfortunately they did not take into consideration  the negative outcomes that would result from delaying the relocation of residents.  The staff at somerset, who know the residetns all too well, feared this all along.

HFS and all the other agencies involved need to stop with all the posturing and focus on what is most important..the residents well being.  A smooth transition for the residents with the least amount of stress needs to be the main objective for everyone involved.

..It’s time to get things moving for the sake of the residents.



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2 responses to “Fly on the wall 2/20/09: state making little progress relocating

  1. Uptownwe

    The reason tehy are having problems relocating everyone (per someone that works there) is the state has made a mess of things and has no follow through to the plan to relocate anyone and the boss of Somerset is telling some residents that they can stay because they will be selling to new owners.

  2. Maria Douvris

    The facility continues to hold their license as a nursing home. They are losing their funding currently, but their license continues to provide them the opportunity to conduct buisness.

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