Response from the Alderman’s office

Below is the response from Ald. Smith’s office regarding my letter.  As you can see, though it assures me that the Alderman shares my concern and is on top of things, it has absolutely zero content.  I emailed back asking if they could share the content of their conversations with the state.  As this is public business and of great public concern, such information should be shared openly with the public, not just me but her constituents. It seems to me this would be a much better thing to post on the Action Uptown blog than idle queries about what should be done with a building still privately owned and occupied by 300+ difficult to place residents.  I look forward to Ald. Smith informing us of WHAT, exactly, she is talking to the state about and what the outcome of such talks might be.

Doug Fraser wrote:
> Jeff
> Thank you for your letter. We share your concern about what will happen to these folks and have been in conversation with the State of Illinois. Please also express your concerns to your State Representative, your State Senator and your Governor.
> Sincerely,
> Alderman Mary Ann Smith


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