staff report 2/23/09

The ombudsman will be in tomorrow. Supposedly to let the residents know how their actual discharges are going to be handled. Our understanding is that the State remains in the dark about how massive logistically this all is. They are on the units each day asking who’s been placed where. If they are “helping” in this process, I sure don’t see it.

There are also A LOT of residents not yet placed. We got one of our identified offenders placed today- he’d originally been denied. We’re having trouble, as I’m sure you can imagine, with placing unsafe smokers.  Several residents continue in denial and refuse to give any input about where they’ll be placed.

On a personal level, we feel highly resentful that it’s the state that has done this, but we’re the ones doing their dirty work. The state engineered this situation, but it’s not a state rep. telling a resident they weren’t accepted at their first choice facility, we are.

I don’t want to sound melodramatic, but this is horrible. We’re sending people that we know and have been their advocates and care-givers off into we have no idea what. We have residents asking about everything from their money to what’ll happen if they don’t like their roommate. We’ve always been able to promise residents “we’ll figure it out,” and now we can’t… We know they’re not on their own, but it sure feels that way. We’re doing our best to get everyone placed somewhere perfect for them, and it’s impossible, and it’s frustrating and heartbreaking.


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