Fly on the wall: identified offenders screened for community living

Here is an update regarding the PasR screens that HFS has had conducted for residents at Somerset Place. Previously, it was reported that agencies were given the directive to score as many residents as possible for independent community living. For the most part this re-screening process has not included information or feedback from facility staff. There has been little if any collaboration with facility clinical staff.  Once a resident is re-screened for independent living they are referred to a community agency for linkage and community placement.  It is unclear if these agencies even review the clinical records before accepting the residents.

Consider the following case of resident X. Resident X was deemed appropriate for independent living in the community and linked with a community agency to find an apartment.  A quick review of the clinical record reveals that resident X has not lived outside of a structured supervised MI setting for over 28 years. More importantly, resident X has a significant history of substance abuse, medication non-compliance, and a violent criminal background, including a double homicide. This information was easily accessible in the clinical record and could have been elicited from the facility staff had the agencies involved  bothered to ask. An interview with resident X would have in itself created concern for this drastic shift in level of care.

What are the criteria for determining a resident’s appropriateness for independent living? What are the credentials and training of those making the determination? Many residents can present as higher functioning upon initial interview. However, after reviewing their history and risk behaviors it becomes apparent that a higher level of supervision/structure is necessary, not less or none.  Finally, there are several identified offenders that have been deemed appropriate for independent living.



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2 responses to “Fly on the wall: identified offenders screened for community living

  1. This highlights:
    a) the failure of the Tribune to follow-up on the dangerous identified offenders they harped on and on about but clearly do not actually give a shit about

    b) the fact that the state, far from finding a safer, more secure environment for these high risk patients is, instead, releasing them to much less structured and supervised community care, increasing rather than decreasing the potential harm they may cause

    c) the community agencies, whose competence is implicitly assured, in contrast to evil nursing homes, are, in fact, fully capable of incompetence and error as well.

    d) the state is putting on a show. Unfortunately, looked at closely they are showing their incompetence, hypocrisy and utter disregard for these residents.

  2. Mr. E. Guy

    Maybe the people being re-screened and tossed out could go visit Helen Shiller and get a free apartment at Wilson Yard. I’m sure she’d be willing to trade a $400K subsidized apartment for a new, loyal voter.

    You could wash your hands of the whole situation.

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