Fly on the wall: example of state mistreatment of residents

The HFS is responsible for much -if not all- of the chaos. They would come to the units and ask where residents were placed. Staff would tell them. They’d write in down on their lists. And then ignore it. Then they’d bring representatives of other facilities in and, without the residents agreement, give charts to the facility rep. to go through. And HFS would do this to residents already placed into appropriate facilities of the resident’s choice.

Example. Resident A wanted to go where his girlfriend was going. He was accepted into that facility, and HFS was informed of the resident’s choice and acceptance. A few days later, HFS brought a different facility’s rep to the unit, and gave them the resident’s chart. “I’m giving them charts of residents who haven’t been placed yet.” Staff explained that Resident A HAD been placed.  HFS said to have the resident come talk to the rep. anyway.  So Resident A came, sat down, and said he was going to facility X.  The rep flipped through his chart, and told HFS “we’ll take him”.  Resident A again said “no, I don’t want to go to your facility, I’m going to X with my girlfriend. I want to go to X.”, and staff again explained to HFS and rep. that the resident had been accepted at X.

The facility rep and HFS ignored both resident and staff, and sat there like they were bartering about a slave bought at market. And the next day Resident A’s name is on the HFS list to be picked up to go to this facility! OF COURSE HE REFUSED TO GO!

How many residents, who don’t have the wherewithal to do what Resident A did, are being railroaded into places they don’t want to go and aren’t best for them?

And HFS gets upset? Acts surprised? Throws a tantrum?
Well, maybe they should try listening to residents. Maybe they should try listening to staff.
Or maybe, instead of blaming others, they should have just done the whole damn thing themselves.


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