fly on the wall: double murderer placed in uptown apt

Immediately after the facility staff was informed that Resident X , (previous offense of double murder) had been approved for community living they informed the state of their clinical assessment, which was that this resident was at high risk for offending again if not placed in a supervised setting where licensed staff could monitor/manage his clinical condition and medication compliance.  This resident has a past history of medication non-compliance and substance abuse when not supervised to take his meds. This is what led to his offense of double murder. They must have not taken the staff seriously because he has been assigned an apartment in the uptown community, and I believe he has already moved into it.



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3 responses to “fly on the wall: double murderer placed in uptown apt

  1. so where’s the Tribune now?

  2. Buzz

    What would you have the Trib do, violate his privacy and print his address?

  3. Not at all. I would expect the Tribune to ask the state:
    1. what is the criteria by which it is re-screening the 67 identified offenders,
    2. for those screened as high-risk, what services/placements do they have planned (or are they simply moving them to other facilities like Somerset, which is, indeed, the answer),
    3. of those 67, what percentage were screened as low-, moderate- and high- risk and what was the disposition, by percentage, of all 67.

    That is exactly how I would expect a responsible journalist to follow-up weeks of reporting on the placement of dangerous felons in nursing homes: “Where are you putting them now?”

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