Fly on the wall 3/11/09: more examples of how the states places people

Resident X is deaf and dumb and does not communicate via writing anymore. She does sign. After many hours of work, staff found her a placement in a facility with a deaf community, including a deaf doctor, several other deaf residents and a full-time social worker fluent in sign language.  Resident X was all set to go- info faxed, accepted, on the list to go, ALL SET. Where did she go? The state of Illinois sent the woman to Park House! WHY?!?!?!?! To my knowledge, Park House does not have a full time staff member fluent in sign language. How is that a good placement for her and what was wrong with the placement we found?

Resident Y set to go to Arbour. Again, a great placement. Smaller facility, more nursing care oriented (skilled) as Resident Y has some issues with mobility… his family was involved in the placement, toured the place and liked it… He was accepted, and  ALL SET to go. Where did he go? The state of illinois sent Resident Y to Margaret Manor Central!  Resident Y is gonna get flattened… Why??? The family’s response: “Total bullshit”.


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