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My name is Jeff Beeler.  During the year prior to Somerset being de-certified, I (among others) provided clinical management consultation.  I started this blog because I believe the story of what happened at Somerset has been distorted in the media, to the detriment of the people who worked and lived there. I don’t believe this distortion is serving the interests of the mentally ill in Illinois nor the public generally.  Other than my personal feelings in response to recent events (post “Today I walked through Somerset”) and critical analyses of the Tribune’s investigative reports, I am presently refraining from giving my own take on what happened at Somerset.  Though I certainly have opinions, the purpose of this blog is to encourage a multitude of viewpoints, not to soapbox my own.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact me.  5009Sheridan@gmail.com


5 responses to “About Me

  1. Aileen Rosenberg LCSW

    I just found out about your blog today. More people need to know the truth. How can we help?

  2. Simply spread the word. More readers, more contributions.

  3. PS- by contributions, I mean submissions and comments. There is no money associated with this site in any way.

  4. michael reinstein md

    i want to thank the many dedicated staff with whom I worked at somerset for the past 30 years If I CAN be of help please contact me

  5. Tara

    I’d like to thank you for your blog. I live in Uptown and my job has exposed me to some of the systemic issues surrounding nursing home and IMD finance and operation. I just read your blog on Maratta Walker and find it to be a fair example of the impact of systemic failure on the individual level. I would only add that, with the parole officer’s failure to track Ms. Walker, yet another systemic failure comes to light: absolutely impossible parolee:officer ratio. Will the state lawsuit settlements bring about the change required? Sadly, I have no faith they will.

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