This site is intended to tell the story of Somerset through the eyes and voices of as many people as possible.  I encourage anyone having something to say about Somerset to contribute his/her perspective.  These will be published here unedited.  Here are the guidelines and rules:

  1. In the interest of readability, submissions must be limited to 1200 words.
  2. You must identify yourself and I will verify that you did contribute the submission before publishing.  Anonymous submissions will not be accepted. If you feel an exception should be made for extenuating circumstances, contact me and we can discuss the matter.
  3. Names of specific residents are strictly prohibited from any submission due to privacy issues.  Names of staff should generally be avoided as well, particularly if the person is being characterized in a negative light.  The intention here is to understand what happened at Somerset, not to use this as a forum to pillory individuals.  The names of public figures, ie., politicians and others who place themselves in the public eye in the course of their work, may be used.
  4. Though honesty is encouraged, we hope that individuals will avoid attempting to use this as a forum for grudges and axe-grinding.
  5. Some who may wish to contribute may be self-conscious of their writing skills.  This should not preclude anyone from contributing. If you feel you need but cannot find someone to help with writing, please submit your contribution as best you can and tell us that you would like assistance with editing.  We can do simple editing (grammar, spelling, etc.) at your request and obtain your approval of any edits.

Basic rules of civilized discourse will be maintained.  Appropriate language will be expected.  Though individuals may be criticized for their role in the Somerset story, gratuitous and/or vicious personal attacks on individuals will not be accepted.

All submissions will be available for comment.  In many cases, the comments may result in a significant dialogue.  By submitting a contribution, you agree that others may comment on it.  Anonymous comments will be prohibited.  Comments will be moderated according to the same rules as the submissions (ie., no resident names, appropriate language, no vicious personal attacks, etc.).

Finally, we will accept all contributions at any time.  However, we intend to publish submissions in an orderly, coherent way, in series.  For example, one series may reflect the perspective of line staff.  Another, if possible, residents.  Another, the community surrounding Somerset, and so on.

Photos may be submitted for posting. In order to post a photo, individuals pictured in the photo must sign a release giving permission to post their picture.  Photos would be great. The nuisance of documenting permission is worth the trouble.

Submit contributions (and questions or comments) to


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